Sunday Spotlight



Links to come as we move them over to WordPress!

11/30/2014: Books, movies and dream casting….
12/07/2014: Book Cover Porn
12/14/2014: Sunday Spotlight: Lani Lynn Vale (with giveaway!)
12/21/2014: Sunday Spotlight: JB MORGAN takes us on a trip down Holly Lane!
12/28/2014: Sunday Spotlight: Insta-Love
01/04/2015: Sunday Spotlight: Collecting Book Boyfriends
01/11/2015: Sunday Spotlight: Book Funks! boooohissss
01/18/2015: Sunday Spotlight: Girl Power or Doormat Heroines…where do you fall in the debate?
01/25/2015: Sunday Spotlight: Oops
02/01/2015: SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT: Friends to Lovers
02/08/2015: Sunday Spotlight: Audio Books – Love ’em or Hate ’em?
02/15/2015: SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT…with a Prick and a twist. (with a giveaway!)


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